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Salmon Fishing The Basics You Need To Know

2016/7/21 15:48:37

You will find that there are several types of salmon that you could be after. You'll find them in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans too. In the Atlantic, you will find the founding father of all salmon. This is the original fish name of a salmon. You will also find a wide range of salmon that are in the eastern North American areas that in lakes of all sorts. These don't migrate as they like freshwater better.

The brown trout is one of the most well known of salmons. Yes, he is a salmon even though most think he's a trout. Red salmon is also known as Sockeye salmon. These are found off of the coast of California and into the eastern pacific. You will find them off the shores of Japan as well as in the Andayr River in Siberia. Pink salmon is another option and is found in California, Canada and in Korea.

Another common type is Chinook salmon. These are known as spring salmon as well as blackmouth, and King Salmon. You'll find them from the southern Californian coast to the Bering Strait. You can also find them in Alaska, Russia and in the Yukon Territory.

Baits For Salmon

You can use many varieties of baits on salmon. In freshwater varieties, go with plugs, worms, lures and flies. In saltwater, go with flies, streamers, crustaceans, and lures.

Gear For Salmon

For fly fishing, you'll need a twelve to sixteen foot graphite or fiberglass rod. You will need fly reel and line too. In bait fishing, you'll need a ten foot spinning rod and bait caster reel with up to a twenty pound test line. For Chinook's, you'll need a boat or a trolling rod. As you know, the Chinook are the largest of the salmon so you will need twenty to forty five pound test line.

When you are after Atlantic's, go for a fly fish or use spoons, natural baits and plugs to help you. On the Pacific side, use trolling just off the shoreline and use estuaries.

No matter which of the mighty salmon you are after, you are sure to get a good fight. Be prepared with a full tackle box and a large cooler when you are after King Salmon!

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