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Extreme Kayak Fishing: Safety Tips

2016/7/22 18:07:59

It is vital to know extreme kayak fishing safety tips in order to ensure being safe as you endeavor in savoring the thrilling experience of kayaking. Many go kayak fishing because beyond the thrill of adrenaline rush from this extreme activity is the physical exercise that one may benefit from. An advantage of kayak fishing over the traditional way of fishing is there are better chances of catching bigger fishes. However, before undertaking this extreme water activity, know and understand these safety tips to make your kayak fishing experience safe. 

  1. Know the basic about kayak fishing. It is common sense that in order to keep safe when doing this activity, one must feel confident in understanding the basic means of doing safe kayak fishing procedures. Kayaks are different from boats and it requires physical fitness to be able to control the kayak and do fishing at the same time. Know the skills required and beginners should always seek the help of an experienced guide when choosing the water areas to fish, preferably on calm waterways like slow streams and lake.
  2. Inspect your gears and fishing equipment. This safety tip for kayak fishing is very essential before one begins to undertake the activity. Make sure that you have all the safety gears required for safe kayak fishing. Ensure to wear a seat belt, a life jacket, and a helmet for your own protection. This is what the law mandates as a safety measure when undertaking extreme kayak fishing activity. Check whether your fishing rod and reels are working well. Make sure that your sinkers, tackle, and lures are rust-free. You should also take the following gears when you go extreme kayak fishing for safety: whistle, lights, rescue throw bags, eye gear, knee and hip pads, and paddle leash.
  3. Keep the kayak steady when fishing. This is very important to keep one from losing balance while fishing, most especially to beginners. Use an anchor to steady the kayak prior to preparing the fishing gears to start fishing. It would also be prudent to let someone know about your whereabouts especially on the specific place where you plan to do the extreme kayak fishing.
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