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Essential Kayak Fishing Equipment

2016/7/22 18:08:08

There is a lot of essential kayak fishing equipment that should be considered by anyone planning on angling from a kayak. To maximize success, look into having these items. Listed below are essential kayak fishing equipment items.

  1. Fishing rod holder. The fishing rod holder is an essential part of kayak fishing. It keeps the rod in place, so that an angler may maneuver his or her craft while the rod stays out of the way.
  2. Rod leash. A rod leash is an item that connects to both the fishing rod and to the kayak, preventing the rod from being lost if it should fall over board. As kayaks are small crafts, space is limited, and it is easy to accidentally knock the rod off of the boat, and into the water. Prevent its being lost to the depths by buying any type of rod leash.
  3. Drift sock. A drift sock, or float sock, is a kayak fishing accessory that slows the pace of the boat, allowing thorough fishing of prime waters. In areas of current, strong wind, or in rivers, this can be very handy. Drifting past a fishing hole too fast is frustrating, and drift socks, which are large bags that catch water, prevent this from happening by providing water resistance. They may be easily pulled up so that anglers can move the kayak when necessary without the bag slowing the craft.
  4. Kayak tackle bag. A tackle bag meant for stowing on board is a piece of essential kayak fishing equipment. It can hold all of the baits, lures, lines, and other tackle that may be needed on board, and it comfortably fits on the craft.

The above items are all pieces of essential kayak fishing equipment. If heading out for a day on the water, strongly consider bringing along these fishing equipment accessories.

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