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5 Best Kayaks For Fishing

2016/7/22 18:08:15

If you love fishing and kayaking, then check out these 5 best kayaks for fishing. Fishing is a terrific activity, but when you add a kayak in the picture, it's even better. There are three types of kayaks made for fishing: sit-on-top, sit-inside and open. Here is a list of fishing kayaks perfect for any adventurous trip on the water.

  1. Hobie Sport Kayak. Hobie makes great kayaks for fishing. The Hobie Sport is easy to paddle, pedal and sail. It features an adjustable seat that you can change to your comfort. This allows it to fit anyone from age six and up. Other features include an elevated back seat, removable fanny pack, auto-draining cockpit scuppers, a dry bag and more. This kayak comes in red, blue, yellow and gray. This sit-on-top kayak is priced around $1,600.
  2. Hobie Revolution Kayak. This sit-on-top kayak is fast, sleek, maneuverable and able to store your things. The Hobie Revolution is priced at around $1,800. It’s a good bargain for what it features. You get the quality of three kayaks in one convenient piece of equipment. Dry bags, a gear bucket and a two-piece paddle complete this kayak.
  3. Wilderness Systems Pungo 120. This sit-inside fishing kayak features a sleek and fast body. It comes in red and blue colors. Other features include an Oval Orbix stern hatch and slide-lock foot brace. It’s priced at just a little over $800.
  4. Dagger Kayaks Zydeco 9.0. This sit-inside kayak has a wider body than the others on our list. It's also very stable and easy to handle. This is one of the cheaper kayaks for fishing; the Dagger is priced at $425 online.
  5. Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5 Tandem. The Native is a great kayak made for fishing. It fits two people and is an open kayak. This kayak has a nice, sleek look and maneuvers very well. Find it for around $1,400.
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