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Two Ways of How to Fish for Tuna

Tuna are among the largest and tastiest saltwater game fish. Many people love to eat tuna fish because of its natural flavor, and many game fishers are after this kind of fish because of it can grow to such large sizes. There are different kinds of tuna and the most popular ones are the yellow fin, black fin, skipjack, albacore, and blue fin. Blue fin tuna are by far among the largest and they are primarily the reasons why fishing enthusiasts would want to learn how to fish for tuna.

Fishing for tuna does not really require any complicated piece of equipment - you only need to learn the most effective techniques on how to fish for tuna. One thing you should know about tuna is that it is quite possible to catch them in coastal waters but you will have better opportunities of catching large species if you pursue them offshore. The two most widely used techniques in catching tuna fish are chumming and trolling.

Chumming refers to a technique used in catching fish with the use of bait. You will then need to add more bait into the water so you can better attract the tuna. When chumming, you will need to prepare the chum or bait. It is more effective to cut up the bait and keep all its blood and entrails. Once you have reached a potential fishing area, you will need to pour the chum or bait overboard in regular intervals. You can then cast your baited line into the trail of chum behind the boat. It will not be that long before you will notice that tuna fish have started to feed on your chum. You will need to set the hook when a tuna strikes so you can land it. Remember to treat the fish appropriately - the manner would depend on whether you will release the fish or keep and eat it.

The other method fishing for tuna is through trolling. This pretty much involves the same preparatory processes like in chumming but instead of throwing bait out into the water, you simply need to attach a lure into outriggers set on the boat. Ideally, you can troll four or more lines on a trip. When the tuna strike, the outrigger will release the line when it is set correctly.

These are the two ways of how to fish for tuna. You might not be able to master them right away but through practice, you will sure be able to catch your kind of tuna.

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