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An Overview Of The Most Common Alaskan Fish Species

Alaska fishing, with its countless acres of untamed wilderness, it is truly the last American frontier. If you always dreamed of Alaskan fishing, go experience the excitement and breath taking beauty, and surround yourself with pristine snow capped peeks, outstanding woodlands and abundant Alaska fishing.

Fishing in Alaska can be very exiting. salmon are all along Alaska's coast, and there are also giant halibut in the waters, plus while fishing you can enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery on the continent. The king salmon are among the worlds largest averaging anywhere from 25-65 pounds. Try using a power or a drift boat in the shallow waters to produce violent strikes and huge fights.

If salmon don't catch your fishing needs there are countless specimen of fishes for you, like my favorite rainbow trouts. With there aw inspiring colors and gracefulness in the water, trout are very intelligent species and that makes them more challenging to catch.

Alaska fishing does not stop there, fishing in Alaska also includes the giant pacific halibut. The halibut lives in the deep cold water off the eastern and western shores of the peninsula. Early in the season the halibut can be found in the cook inlet, try combining trolling for salmon and bottom fishing for halibut for a most fun and exiting challenge.

Some of the best waters to fish are in the Kasilof river, were there are hundreds of king and silver salmon in the water from may all the way through September. This is a drift boat only river, which makes it a beautiful place for quiet drift boat fishing and relaxation.

Don't forget about the wade fishing rivers that are in abundance, one of the top spots for peak fishing periods, they offer you a handful of classic Alaskan streams and lakes that provide variety to your week while fishing for grayling, steelhead, salmon and trout.

Then there is the seaward off shore,which is home to glaciers, giant lingcod, orca, halibut and huge numbers of silver salmon. If you you are looking for a trip to fill you are freezer, this is definitely the place to go.

So Alaska fishing is for every one young, old, novice or the best there is, Alaska has it all. From a wide range of beautiful scenery to all types of wildlife. Either come alone or bring the whole family this is the place to be. Bring your own tent, stay in a hotel or the most preferred rent a room in one of the many fishing and hunting lodges all over Alaska. How ever you stay just do it. This will be something you will enjoy sharing with family and friends for years to come.

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