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There Is Nothing Better Then Fishing

There Is Nothing Better Then Fishing

When it comes to looking for something that is relaxing then the best thing you could ever consider is going fishing. Whether you are in a boat or on the shore you look around and absolutely nothing really matters. Having water around you is always very settling. Its even better at the point just when the sun starts coming up. Now the time to fish has come and at this point there is nothing better then what you are about to be doing. It really doesnt get better then this.

You look around when you are drifting around the lake and you see old trees, stumps, banks, ledges and other great things that have stood the test of time which could very well be equal to thousands of years. When it comes to fishing you know very well that all these things you are looking at can very well be holding the next world record bass. You kill the engine and just drift around.

You are being as quiet as possible and listening to the sounds of nature. All you hear is the zip of your line and the plop of your hook hitting the water. You have now set the anchor and you are waiting to try and catch that lunker that usually avoids you. You at this point just relax, maybe have a sandwhich and just continue looking for that next big catch. Now that your tummy is full and you are done playing you decide its time to get serious and ts time to catch that fish.

You move your tackle box towards you and you take your time looking through it to make sure you make the right choice. It is at this point that you spot the hook that you think is going to be the one to help you catch the next record fish. So now that you have made your decision you attach the hook to your line. You are sure to hook it into a leader so that any teeth cant wreck things by cutting through line. You are almost ready to fish but first you make sure you the tackle box is put away just in case you get a lunker in the boat that ends up knocking every thing over.

Now its time to get some serious fishing started. Your first cast lands exactly where you want it to be. When you feel the time is right you start slowly reeling in your line. Your hook gets back to the boat and to your surprise there are no fish on it. You keep this up for a while and all along the same result keeps happening. Each time your hook hits the boat there is nothing on the line. At this point you are second guessing yourself on the choice of hooks. You decide to give it another shot and this time you hit pay dirt. Seconds after the hook hits the water you feel that perfect feeling of a fish hitting the hook. Now it is time for you to set the hook and as soon as you do that you realize you have the big fish on that you were hoping for. Your body starts to shake and your hands get cold because you know yo have to do everything perfectly in order to get this fish into the boat. Its perfect because to finalize things you do land the fish and the world at this point is a perfect place.

As a fisher person its all about feeling good and you to can have this feeling as long as you have the right equipment. You can have a nice boat, motor, clothing to protect you in the weather. The best thing in the world to make you feel at ease is a day at the lake with a fishing rod in your hand. It is so easy to forget about everything around you during the time your mind is stuck on fishing.

The fishing is a way to get away from all the pressures that can build up at work as well. At work you have people, bosses, deadlines and so many other things that can prove to be very stressful. When it comes to fishing all you need to worry about is nothing. Lots of people stay away from fishing out of fear that it will cost them a lot of money. This really is not the case. Of course in all cases anything you want or like to do is going to cost money. The thing is when it comes to fishing if you take your time and shop around it really can be very affordable. Another thing is once you have the most expensive things out of the way keeping everything else maintained can actually be very inexpensive.

The biggest thing when it comes to catching a fish is you have to have fun. If you have never fished before then you have no clue as to what you are missing out on. Fishing is about the best addiction you could ever get involved with. The very first time you catch a fish you will forever be chasing the fish to try and get that feeling again. The best way to make this happen is to keep on fishing. If you do this you will eventually have bigger fish highs to chase.

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