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Aquaponics Carp

Aquaponics Carp

In this article we will cover aquaponics carp - one of the easiest to use breed of aquaponic fish. For those of you who don't already know ( but should if your going to understand this article ) aquaponics is an organic system that provides sustained life for plants and fish. It is regarded as a mini Eco system and it came from combining Hydroponics and Aquaculture.

Aquaponics carp are considered a very 'oily' type of fish that lives in freshwater situations. They are found mostly in Europe and many different parts of Asia. Aquaponics carp can easily combat the extreme temperature changes and conditions that come with an aquaponics system.

We've been talking about aquaponics carp without so far mentioning the Koi breed of fish. These are in fact a smaller version of a carp with much more exciting colors to it's appearance. Personally, I think the Koi version of carp are much better served as an ornamental, decorative fish. The same can be said about goldfish - again, they are a smaller breed of carp that can be used with aquaponics but why would you want to slaughter such a fish.

Growers that use these types of aquaponics carp are much better suited to growing the fish, using them in the system and then selling them on for a tidy little profit. There are other fish you can use in aquaponics and for eating purposes and we can cover a couple of these now:

The Trout is a very fine fish for edible reasons and also works very well inside a aquaponics system. There are three main trout that I would advise to use in aquaponics - rainbow trout, brown trout and brook trout. The main advantage of using trout inside an aquaponics system is that they are built to withstand cooler waters - this can be a really good thing if you are living in colder climates. A lot of growers tend to use trout in the winter season because of this reason.

Another fish with similar traits to aquaponics carp is the Tilapia. This cracking fish is really 'hard' when it comes to different diseases - it can basically beat them all. The nice thing about this fish is that it tends to get bigger faster than most other fish and they grow very well inside an aquaponics system.

So, as you can see aquaponics carp is just one of the choices for fish breed when it comes to your home aquaponics system. All fish breeds have different pros and cons so in the end it will depend on your climate and whether you plan to eat the fish or not.

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