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5 Best Fishing Rods To Use In A Kayak

Let’s take a look at the five best fishing rods to use in a kayak. Fishing out of a kayak is completely different than fishing from shore or a boat. There are plenty of different elements that you have to consider, such as the amount of space you have available in your kayak. Despite these elements and others, there are five types of fishing rods that are the best to use when kayaking.

  1. Closed-face reels.  The old stand-by of a closed-face reel setup is excellent for kayak fishing. These setups are easy to use, fairly small and are maintenance free. This last part is crucial because of the limited space available with kayaks. Most kayaks don’t have the room for maintenance parts or extra reels. This setup is great for fishing in ponds and small lakes.
  2. Spinning reels.  Likely the best setup for kayak fishing is a small spinning rod. These rods are easy to store, cast great and only need one hand to fish with. After a little practice, you can use one hand to easily toss your baits into the right holes of water and manage your kayak at the same time. Spinning reels are also usually maintenance-free and easy to store in limited places.
  3. Fiberglass. Rods made from fiberglass have a huge advantage over graphite rods while fishing out of the kayak. Overall, fiberglass is more durable, tougher and can take the abuse of riding around in your kayak. Another advantage to fiberglass rods is that they’re usually significantly cheaper than graphite rods. You won’t have to worry about your fiberglass cracking or breaking either if you’re fishing in colder conditions.
  4. Casting rods. Casting setups work great for fishing in kayaks due to their stability and easy casting. Choose a casting reel that’s small enough to easily fit in your hand, and you’ll be able to cast it with ease. Casting rods are a great choice for larger species such as largemouth bass, northern pike and muskies. Casting rods are the best choice for fishing large rivers and bigger lakes in your kayak.
  5. Two piece and telescoping. Rods that have the feature of being produced in either multiple pieces or a telescoping system are a great choice for kayaks. The convenient part of these rods is the fact that when they’re not in use, they can be stored in much smaller locations. Make sure that you remove any hooks or lures from your rod before attempting to store them, or you may get a tangled mess on your hands.

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