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How To Build A Kayak Fishing Seat

Learning how to build your own kayak fishing boat seat can expand the uses of your kayak. Most seats in a typical kayak are inadequate when used as a fishing seat. Building your own kayak fishing boat seat is easy to do with a little patience and time. If you think you’re ready to construct your very own kayak fishing boat seat, than take a look at the following items you’ll need:

To build your own kayak fishing seat, you’ll need the following items:

  • Fishing seat pedestal
  • Fishing seat
  • Electric drill
  • Screws & washers
  1. Build your pedestal. Before drilling into your kayak, make sure you’ve determined where you would like to have your fishing seat at. After determining this, start your project by pre-drilling the locations that the screws in the bottom of your pedestal will go. After you’ve done your pre-drilling, place your pedestal in the desired location. Next, place your washers in the holes where your screws will go. To complete this step, drill your screws into your pedestal and check to make sure that your pedestal is stable enough to adequately support your fishing seat.
  2. Install your boat seat. After installing your kayak fishing seat’s pedestal, you can now install your boat seat. Make sure that you choose a boat seat that isn’t too big, which may significantly affect the balance in your kayak. To install the seat, place the seat on top of the pedestal. While working under your seat, drill the screws and washers up into your seat. Before completing this step, make sure to test out your seat by sitting in it. It’s much easier and safer to test your boat seat on land before you hit the river!

If you’re having issues getting the right support for your fishing seat, here’s a tip you can try. Before constructing your pedestal, install a metal plate in the bottom of your kayak where your pedestal will go. This plate should be adequately big enough to cover the surface area of your seat. Install this plate by screwing it into the bottom of your kayak. All you will need to do after this point is follow the two steps above. This should help stabilize your kayak, but this step isn’t always necessary for all kayaks. After you’ve completed these steps, make sure to thoroughly test your kayak boat seat in the garage before getting it on the water. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to fish those hard to get to rivers!

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