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Bass Fishing After the Winter Solstice

 The end of the world did not happen as predicted by the Mayan Calendar, However, December 21 is the shortest day of the year and the days will now getting

The 5 Best Winter Bass Tips

Like other animals as

Pre-spawn Bass Tips

Targeting pre-spawn bass as spring begins to approach is a great way to catch a lunker; follow these tips to fill your smartphone with plenty of gi

Spring Bass Fishing Tips with a Carolina Rig

A 101-guide of tips for bass fishing with a Carolina Rig in the spring

Early Pre-spawn Bass Fishing Tips and Best Baits to Use

Heed these tried-and-true tips and four proven baits to improve success while fishing for bass during the pre-spawn

Winter Color Selection of Bass Jigs

In many areas around t

Matching the Hatch for Pre-Spawn Bass

Professional bass angl

Jig Tactics for Early Spring Bass

In spring as the bass

Pros Picks: Best Pre-spawn Bass Fishing Baits and Lures

14 of the best FLW and BASS pros share their favorite lure for pre-spawn bass fishing

Summer Bass Fishing Secrets

Mature bass have defin

The Power of the Shaky Head Worm

There is just somethin

Summer Bass on the Tube

The dog days of summer

Bassin After Sunset

Bass fishing at night

River Smallmouth Gear

So my main setup for r

Basic Jig Techniques for Bass

It would be difficult

Winter Bassin’ with Blade Baits

The chill in the air r

Freshwater Lures that Catch Bass

There are mainly four

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