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Check Those Propellers for Birds Nests

2016/7/18 12:09:43

The other day when I was fishing, I found my trolling motor being a bit sluggish. After getting home and looking it over, I realized I forgot one very important maintenance task for the upcoming fishing season.

I completed all the oiling and checking, tightening loose screws, etc., but I forgot to check the trolling motor prop for weeds, fishing line … anything that can wrap around behind the prop. This goes for any boat motor, not just the trolling motor.

By removing the prop, you can clean out those birds’ nests that can build up over time, causing slowdowns and other possible maintenance issues. Could even cause the motor to come to a complete stop, which we don't want to happen when were out on the water.

Another helpful tip that will allow your trolling motor to run more efficient is to file down the blunt edges of the prop that have been banged up from hitting rocks and other hard objects. This will make your propeller spin more freely and cut through weeds and lilies so you can get to the big boys.

Editor’s Note: When removing the outboard motor’s prop for “bird’s nest” cleanup, don’t forget to properly torque the prop nut to the recommended spec. Consult your outboard’s maintenance manual or check with an outboard mechanic.

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