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Stream-Tek Tak-Pack Fishing Backpack Review

2016/7/18 12:11:39

Although SKB is known for their indestructible plastic cases there is a soft side to SKB which comes in the form of an awesome fishing backpack. Made of strong 600 Denier cross dyed fabric and is has a water resistant coating protecting it from dampness and the bottom features a very durable waterproof boot. The adjustable shoulder straps are well padded and the 5 exterior pockets range in size satisfying any angler or fisherman’s storage needs. The top pouch has a built in cell phone holder and helps keep all your personals safe and dry.  The center area has four pull-out dividers for storing those flies or lures. SKB even thought about snack or lunchtime by providing a small insulated cooler to store that afternoon snack or drink in and keep it cool. The Tek-Pak measures 17” high by 12” wide and 9” deep and comes in black. I found this pack very practical, easy to use and move from spot to spot and will be my fishing pack for the boat as well. SKB thought of most everything when making this pack and for around $100.00 I don’t believe there is a lot out there that can touch it.   Review written by: Gary Elliott www.OutdoorNewsandReviews.com www.Facebook.com/GarysBowhunting

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