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Megabass Z-Crank X

2016/7/18 14:16:40

The MEGABASS Z-CRANK X was designed in cooperation with BASS Elite professional angler Aaron Martens and was based off the original MEGABASS Z CRANK, an all balsa crankbait designed for fishing in and around heavy cover. The newly designed MEGABASS Z CRANK X is an injection-molded update with a coffin style lip available in both a ratting and a silent model. Designed with a very wide wobble, the Z-CRANK X can be fished a number of ways to match the mood of your intended target.


The MEGABASS Z CRANK X was designed with two models in mind, the Z-CRANK X is engineered with a "wild rattle space" and utilizes a hyper rattle mix that will call fish from great distances, coupled with a built in balancing weight system and a glass fiber coffin lip designed to help the bait deflect off cover. Conversely, The Z-CRANK X SILENT employs the same engineering without the "wild rattle space" or rattles. All Z-CRANK X models are designed to be very buoyant, helping them get out of snags and obstacles with ease. Also available is the Z-CRANK XTi, designed with a titanium lip increasing durability and also transmits greater vibration compared to the glass fiber lip.


Immediately you will notice the thickness of the Z-CRANK X and it's profile, which makes it a perfect choice for imitating shad. Details such as intricate paint schemes, life-like eyes, detailed molded gills and the high positioned line tie all add to the appeal of this crank. The Z-CRANK X is currently available in 12 colors in the North American market covering everything from gin clear to super stained water.


One cast and retrieve and you will quickly realize just how great the action of the Z-CRANK X really is.... It can be worked super slow with it's wide wobble or burned without ever skipping a beat. The Z-CRANK X is at its best when it runs into cover, deflecting and triggering strikes from on looking fish. Since the bait is designed for cover, the Z-CRANK X feels right at home being fished around wood, docks, lay downs, weed and rock so it can be used as very effective search bait for both smallmouth and largemouth bass from spring right through fall.

For casting a crankbait like the MEGABASS Z-CRANK X, I switch to a Baitcasting set up with fluorocarbon.... Here is my favorite set up with this bait:

  • ROD: 7'0" to 7'11" Medium Power, moderate or moderate fast action
  • REEL: 200 Size 5.5:1 Gear Ratio
  • LINE: 12 to 20 Lb 100% Fluorocarbon


The MEGABASS Z-CRANK X is one of the most versatile cranks I had the pleasure of fishing this past year. It has produced in water temperatures from 43 degrees all the way up to almost 80 degrees and has quickly become my go to shallow crankbait in a myriad of situations. Whether you're looking to cover a grass flat for largemouth, rock piles for smallmouth, wood or docks the Z-CRANK X will put fish in the boat for you time after time!

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Megabass Model Z-Crank X Type Floating Crankbait Length 2.65" Weight 1/2 oz Depth 3-5' Hooks #4 MSRP $27.99
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