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Personal Records: Crappie and Muskie

2016/7/18 14:16:47

Well most of my personal records came when I was younger and fishing with my dad at Raystown Lake and the Juniata River. There are a couple that still remain in my mind. one was a 2 1/2 pound crappie that I caught in Lake Raystown with my dad from his 14 foot jon boat, the second personal record was from the Juniata River on a float trip with my dad. We were floating from the breast of the dam down the river to Lewistown Penna.  Along the way we both had caught small walleyes and some smallmouth bass, we kept the walleyes to have lunch and breskfast on shore. The second day out as my dad was reeling in another walleye I happened to hook into a rather large fish, which turned out to be a muskie, which was just about 48 inches long and weight about 33 pounds. Another best for me was taking 4th place in the Bassmaster weekend series on the Potomac River in 2006. Although my dad has long since pasted away, 1993 I cherriest all the time we spent together fishing and hunting, plus we also got to start my kids into hunting and fishing, which I keep teaching all 3 of my kids about the outdoors, and not I'm also teaching my grandkids the same, as you may have seen in the pictures and videos I've posted here. So far my one grand daughter has caught a 1 lb sunfish, still not a state record, my other grand daughter has a 1 1/2 lb large mouth bass and my grandson has a 1/12lb crappie and a 2/12 lb largemouth bass to there credit. I've also introduce my grand son to the FLW/BFL, he still has a few years before he could join and fish with them. Most of my personal records now have come throught my grandkids and seeing them catching fish and the looks on there faces. At the time of my personal records we didn't have cameras but now that I do I try to catch all when fishing. BTW Lake Raystown and the Juniata River are both in Penna.
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