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Fishing Tips: How to Fish the Fan Method

When fishing a stationary spot, fish all the cover in a fan shape from left to right and try not to miss a spot.


If you do miscast, reel in as if it was a good cast, sometimes that poor cast will produce a good fish. Also, if you reel in normally, rather than hauling in and recasting, you are less liable to spook fish in the area. While working the fan shape, make sure to cast to each area at least twice, as sometimes the fish won’t strike on the first cast.

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Try the fan shape method when using spinner baits for Bass, the best way is while it is sinking. Cast to the cover and let the lure free fall, watching the line closely for even the slightest twitch that may be a bass striking. If you don’t get a strike, reel in and try another spot working your way back through all the cover in a fan shape before moving on.

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If you come upon a really good looking spot on a river, lake, or stream, fish it from all angles. Also, if you don’t have success at first, switch lures as sometimes a different pattern or shape will cause a strike…

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