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Find A Reliable, High Quality Ice Fishing Trailer

Whether you ice fish for a day at a time or take time for ice fishing expeditions, your ice fishing trailer is one of the most important pieces of equipment you'll have. Of course the length of the trip determines the size of the trailer required, but the quality and durability are vital as well.

A common problem fisherman have with their ice fishing trailer is the axles and spindles bending from being overloaded. You may even feel confused and be wondering why your trailer broke when you considered the weight of your fish house and equipment before purchasing it?

The main reason is that when the trailer is pulled through rough terrain, bumps or potholes the weight of the load doubles when it bounces around. If you calculated the total weight to be 2200lbs, you need a trailer that can withstand up to 4400lbs.

The strongest single axle frames today are the Tundra crank down frames. They offer strong, versatile products that have been developed by both professional fisherman and engineers. They have been designed to have no dead spaces so you won't damage support braces or axles if you need to put a hole anywhere. With a Heavy Duty Tundra, you will have peace of mind that your Snowmobile, Cargo and ATV's are safe and supported.

Each ice fishing trailer is built individually by expert welders, primed and then finished with the best industrial high gloss paint. You can buy drop down versions in V-fronts, Semi V-Fronts or the original Square Front models. They are also theft proof and each individual trailer has its own individual serial number.

When you are looking for a new ice fishing trailer, there are some points you should always consider before making a final decision:

*Does the ice fishing trailer frame drop down to be flush with the ice?

*How thick are the frames and how frequent are the cross braces?

*Does it have a retractable or removable scissor hatch?

*Does it have rock guards and are the fenders made from durable, heavy duty materials?

*What is the weight and clearance of the jack?

*Is the ice fishing trailer legal for use on the road?

*Is the winch heavy duty with auto-braking?

*You should also check the specifications of the suspension, tires and rims, grease inserts and safety equipment.

Buying the right ice fishing trailer initially can save you a lot of unnecessary costs if something did go wrong. When the axle breaks, equipment can end up damaged or even ruined, so take all of the above points into account and you will end up with an ice fishing trailer that withstands the test of time and also offers maximum safety and protection from theft.

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