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Fishing Articles : Non-Boaters Guide to Bass Fishing Tournaments

If youre reading this article, chances are youre just beginning to fish tournaments, have your first tournament in the near future, or are curious abou

Fishing Articles : The Weigh In

The take off in the morning and the weigh in are the two most exciting times of a tournament and the rest is just 憄lain work.? After a hard day of fish

Fishing Articles : Lake Mead Is Unpredictable

As you have probably heard, there are hundreds of horror stories that come from Lake Mead. Well as I have learned it can be both nice and terrible in a

Fishing Articles : A Bass Pro Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year for all of us. We typically spend the day running around from one family members house to another. Our bellies are

Fishing Articles : Getting Ready For A Catfish Tournament

Most people think that before a catfish tournament all one needs to do is go to the bait store buy several boxes of worms, dip bait or live bait. Whatever one p

Fishing Articles : How to Become a Bass Tournament Angler

Have you ever thought about becoming a bass tournament fisherman? Ok, well if you fish for bass that is probably a dumb question. With all of the fishi

Fishing Articles : Bass Tournament Shortcuts

Have you ever noticed whether it be Club Tournaments, Divisional Tournaments (B.A.S.S. Federation, Red Man, Anglers Choice, etc.) and even the Pro Tour

Fishing Articles : The Mighty Potomac, A Lesson In Respect

My first tournament of the 1999 season took me to the Potomac River. Located between Maryland and Virginia, the Potomac River is without doubt one of t

Fishing Articles : Adventures in Fishing

It抯 Sailfish Time... Sailfishing is one of the most exciting fish to catch. Many anglers think this is only for the rich and famous. This is far from t

Fishing Articles : Million Dollar Tarpon

Could a Tarpon possibly be worth a million dollars? Yes it can, at Boca Grande Pass it can and it抯 called the inaugural Mega Money Tarpon Tournament be

Fishing Articles : King Mackerel Fishing at its Finest

This past October, I had the pleasure of filming the OUTERBANKS KING MACKEREL FESTIVAL held at Pirates Cove in Manteo, North Carolina. This is a tournament that

Fishing Articles : How to Compete in Fishing Tournaments

Fishing tournaments are a lot of fun and the prizes and trophies alone are worth it. Competing in a fishing tournament can be relaxing while accomplis

Fishing Articles : How Pros Handle Tough Tournament Conditions

We all know what its like to fish lakes that get pounded constantly by anglers. It seems that you cast until it hurts only to come in with an empty liv

Fishing Articles : Basic Guidelines for Sponsorship Agreements

What most tournament anglers already know and future tournament anglers will quickly learn is sponsors are what can help make an angler a champion. Don

Fishing Articles : teamtrails of alabama 2010 schedule.

150 dollar entrey fee 25 dollar membership fee must call to pre regester. no cost till day of tourament. please contract directors. shane mccoy,256-28

Fishing Articles : Man Goes To Jail For Cheating In fishing tour

Thinking About Cheating a Bit Next Time You Compete In a Fishing Tournament? Consider the Story of Robby Rose, a Texas Man Who Is Going To Jail For Che

Fishing Articles : Louisiana抯 Gulf coast: Still Teeming with Fish!

By Pete Johnson, Johnson Communications ?IGFA PR Counsel Yes there抯 oil in the Gulf off Louisiana抯 coast as the cleanup continues following the oil dis

Fishing Articles : Walleye Pros Take AIM at Lund抯 Checkbook

Competitive anglers have been captaining Lund Boats ever since the first wager for 搈ost?or 揵iggest?walleye was made across a poker table in the late 19

Fishing Articles : St. Croix and Rapala conquer FLW river event

Probing the heartbeat of a river requires a fine set of instruments. Some dudes call them 搒tructure-scopes敆ultra-precision fishing rods that ping pebbl

Fishing Articles : A Tournament Winning Combination

When significant, organized competitive fishing events launched three decades ago, Mr. Walleye, Gary Roach, and other soon-to-be heroes instantly began dominati

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