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Fishing Articles : 慙und Legend?Wins Another Walleye War

It抯 perhaps the longest-running major walleye tournament held on one of the hottest fisheries in America. Who else, then, could have won the event but

Fishing Articles : Chad Schilling Angler of the Year

In NASCAR, it抯 called the Sprint Cup Series, the overall points leader given the title of champion. More often than not, too, the crown is captured dur

Fishing Articles : Huskey First-Ever Female Angler of the Year

Like a lot of us, Shawano, Wisconsin抯 Marianne Huskey was bitten by the fishing bug at an early age. Her passion for fishing, she says, 揝tarted young,

Fishing Articles : Wheeler takes Forrest Wood Cup on X-Rap Prop

On Sunday, August 12, while the 2012 Summer Olympic Games were coming to a close in London, bass fishing抯 best were making their final casts in the 201

Fishing Articles : Father & son Crappie Masters National Champs

Father and son crappie pros Charles and Travis Bunting recently took home top honors in the crappie equivalent of the Bassmaster Classic梩he 2012 Crappi

Fishing Articles : Side Imaging Reveals 慒ish

Bass angler Koby Kreiger is a down-to-earth guy. He抣l tell you candidly that for many years deep-water bass fishing was outside his comfort zone. 揕ike

Fishing Articles : 2013 World Ice Fishing Championship

The hard-water fishing season finally opened in time for the holidays across the ice belt. As the ice continues to build, so is the excitement and anti

Fishing Articles : Ice Tournament Success With Aqua View

Recently, top teams competing in the North American Ice Fishing Championship (NAIFC) discovered a specialized method of employing Aqua-Vu underwater ca

Fishing Articles : NPAA Conference Boasts Record Attendance

The New Fishing Year kicked off with the National Professional Anglers Association annual conference on January 4-6th in Minneapolis. The record attend

Fishing Articles : Father and Sons Top Redfish Finish

The father and son team of 揅ajun?Phil and Kevin Broussard recently took home $40,000 for their 44.78-pound first place finish in the inaugural 2013 Aca

Fishing Articles : Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship

Like the weather-beaten parchment of some maritime legend, the map of Rainy Lake should read 揌ere Be Dragons.?Straddling the border between Minnesota a

Fishing Articles : Lund Angler-Young-Angler Championship

Make no mistake, fishing tournaments these days are no longer reserved for 揳dults only,?those grown-up anglers who consider competitively chasing fish

Fishing Articles : St. Croixs Eyecon Rods

Some tournament goers may have never given Tommy Skarlis a second glance during takeoff on day one of the 2013 Crappie Master National Championship ?he

Fishing Articles : Humminbird Side Imaging reveals fish species

Fishing pro Tommy Skarlis is no stranger to seeing his name on the top of tournament leaderboards. But what stood out about the Waterloo, Iowa, native抯

Fishing Articles : Rippin Lips unveils Catfish 慡tarting Line-Up

Admittedly, the words 揷atfish?and 揷elebrity?fit together about as well as boats and bananas; Snoopy rods and shark hooks; jet skies and honey holes. No

Fishing Articles : Humminbird Pros Ready For Classic

KVD, JVD, Keith Combs, Ott DeFoe, Bobby Lane, Chad Morgenthaler, Terry Scroggins, Gerald Swindle ... some of bass fishing抯 best defensive and offensive

Fishing Articles : Hite Credits FLW Win To 慣ime Management?

Phoenix, Arizona-based bass pro Brett Hite recently took tops on the 態ig O? weighing a four-day total of 88-14, 6-pounds, 6-ounces heavier than his nea


A great angler never stops coming up with clever ways of catching fish. He or she also doesn抰 hoard the knowledge of bettering the bite, either, but ra

Fishing Articles : Ashmore Signs with St. Croix

Merely a chance meeting? Maybe. Soaring opinion from the makers of the 揃est rods on Earth?made in minutes and then maintained? You might say that. All

Fishing Articles : Humminbirds new Cutting-Edge Website

Humminbird?recently launched a brand new website at www.humminbird.com with improved functionality, design and navigation. Humminbird抯 new web prese

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