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Catfish Bait Tips - What To Use Depends On Where You Are

The catfish is one of the most popular species of fish around and they are sure to continue being the favorite species of many anglers for a very long time. The catfish is an aggressive bottom feeder that can give you a fight that you will be talking about for many years.

Not only do they provide lots of fun and excitement but they also have an amazing taste which is another reason why they are so popular. In fact, the catfish is considered to be one of the tastiest fish species available.

One of the keys to successful catfish fishing is in the bait that you use. The catfish has a very keen sense of smell which is why scent baits and live baits are so popular. Keeping your bait fresh is one of the main things that you will need to do regardless of which type of catfish bait you are using. When using fresh baits you need to keep them in water that is similar to their natural environment so they have a longer survival rate.

When using homemade bait you should keep it in some type of sealed container when not in use. Most bait will keep the best when it is stored at room temperature in a cool dry place. Some homemade bait can be stored in the refrigerator but you should never leave any type of catfish bait out in the heat. This will ruin it faster than anything and reduce your chances of having a great fishing trip.

What to Use Depends On Where You Are

Not all types of catfish baits will work in all situations and water conditions. Therefore, the type of bait you should use depends on where you are going fishing and the type of water that you will be fishing in at any given time. Some types of bait just simply work better in some environments than others will. Below is a list of the different types of baits and a brief description of when and where the best time to use them would be.

Cut bait such as mackerel, minnows, sardines and shad are excellent catfish bait that is used by many anglers. However, using cut bait is not an option for everyone. It will work great in most any type of water but you do need to check on the rules and regulations that govern the area in which you are fishing before using cut bait because it is illegal in some regions.

Worms are excellent catfish bait that is easy to get and that will work in most any type of water or during any season. They even work great in muddy waters and in the winter and spring months.

Crawdads are one of the best baits to use in clear calm lakes because this is usually the primary food source that is found in this type of water. They can be used as live baits or you can remove the shell and use the meat from the tail of the crawdad.

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