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How Golf Insurance could save you money

2016/7/19 16:18:08

In the past few decades golf has really took off among sporting enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Golf remains one of the most played sports on our planet and there are many beautiful and challenging courses around the world. It reaches out across barriers of age, gender, race and culture, people from all areas of society are beginning to take an interest in the sport. So whether you fancy yourself as the next Tiger Woods or you simply enjoy golf, as a social activity there's no doubt that you will be aware of the potential pitfalls. For most people the thought of golf conjures up images of a slowed paced game where there is little risk, and to a certain extent this is true, however to assume that it is completely without risk would be foolish.

Firstly consider this little known fact, 4.9% of people who are struck by lighting were playing golf, and lighting in open parks or fields kills five times more people. With this in mind insurance policies seem appropriate. So the chances of you being struck by lightening are pretty slim, but the chances of you being hit by a golf ball or hitting someone else, or their car, with one are certainly realistic. In 1987 a UK court ruled that shouting 'fore' following a shot is no longer an acceptable defence, and given the current suing culture that we seem to be adopting from the USA, insurance policies that protect you against these mishaps are more than helpful.

Much like any other sport you are quite capable of physical exertion when playing golf. This may mean that if you injure yourself, you are not only incapable of playing golf but also not in a position to be working, if you could suffer from losing out on any work and you play golf regularly then an insurance policy could be a useful preventative measure to take.

Medical issues to aside there are still other ways in which golf insurance could save you money. As any keen golfer will know the sport isn't a cheap one to pursue, with top end golf clubs costing a great deal of money. To have this equipment stolen, lost or damaged could leave you out of pocket by hundreds if not thousands of pounds. For as little as a few pounds a month you could rest assured that you will receive compensation if you do have the misfortune of being burdened with such unfortunate luck.
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