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Useful Tips to a Good Golf Swing

2016/7/20 10:43:05

There are thousands of golf swing tips available in books, magazines and the web that give advice on the proper golf swing, but this has resulted in information overload for the majority of golfers that simply want to cut through the clutter and develop a decent golf game. Here are a few tried and true, PGA-proven golf tips that serve as the foundation to a solid golf swing every time!聽 Note: these golf swing tips are for right handed golfers.

Golf Swing Stance & Posture

1.When setting up your golf swing, ensure your weight is balanced and lies in the middle of feet.
2.Tilt from your hips approximately 30 degrees to achieve the proper spine angle.
3.Bend your knees slightly
4.Keep your back straight with your chin up and off your chest
5.Let your arms hand freely.
6.Keep your feet shoulder-width apart for your 鈥渕iddle鈥?irons (5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron), slightly wider than your shoulders for longer irons and woods (hybrid, 3 wood, driver) and slightly more narrow than your shoulders for shorter irons and wedges (PW, SW, 9 iron).

Full Golf Swing Fundamentals

Backswing Steps

1.Rotate the club, body and arms back together while shifting your weight to the inside of your right leg.
2.As your hands approach your waist, your wrists should naturally hinge.
3.At the top of the backswing, check that your left arm is straight, 80% of your body weight is on inside of your right leg and that your right knee remains in the same position (slightly flexed) throughout the golf swing. Your shoulders should be turned up to 90 degrees (from your starting position) while your hips are turned anywhere from 30 to 45 degrees.

Downswing Steps

1.The first movement of your downswing should be a shift of your body weight to the left, followed by your hips, arms and shoulders as you approach impact with the golf ball.
2.When you reach the golf swing impact position, 鈥渞elease鈥?the club by unhinging your wrists and delivering the club head square through the ball鈥his should occur naturally.
3.When you make contact with the golf ball, ensure your head is behind the ball.
4.After golf impact, your body will turn through toward the target and your arms and club will extend toward the target.
5.Key checkpoints for a proper 鈥渇inish.鈥?Your belt buckle will face your target; your club will wrap around your shoulder; 90% of weight is on your left leg; your right foot is upright on toes.

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