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How to Swing a Golf Club - The Simple Golf Swing

2016/7/20 11:08:40

When you commence playing golf, the first obvious question is how to swing a club. The learning process is tedious particularly when watching Tiger or Ernie do it so beautifully. Below is a list of tips on how to swing a golf club properly. Practice makes perfect.

Begin by standing with your feet separated by the width of your shoulders. Bend forward, do not do it from your waist but from your hips and bend your knees a little as well.

Your arms should hang down freely, this can be judged by holding your club and when it makes contact with the ground change your standing position to ensure your arms are hanging freely. For a proper alignment, keep your hips and shoulders in parallel with the line to the target.

From this position, take your club back, your shoulders and hands will instinctively rotate in step with your body. Your knee on your front leg should slightly bend in towards your back leg.

At the top of your back swing, keep your eye on the ball, your chest pointing away from the target and your chin above your front shoulder. The club should be behind your shoulders and completely parallel to the ground.

You're half way there, now for the last part of how to swing a golf club.

Your downswing unleashes the power created by the winding up effect of the back swing.

Swing the club freely straight towards the target and complete your follow through. It's best to think you're just swinging your club as a practice and not focusing on the ball, this will make sure you continue your follow-through.

When you complete the proper follow-though your chest should be facing the target, the weight is on your front foot and the club is now over your other shoulder.

That's all there is to learning the basics of how to swing a golf club, the most important part is practice and soon your golfing partners will be impressed.

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