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What are Custom Hybrid Golf Clubs?

2016/7/20 11:49:54

If you take your golf game seriously, it's a good idea to play with clubs that have been designed just for you. Golfers come in all sizes and the same for variations on the golf swing. Having a specia...

If you take your golf game seriously, it's a good idea to play with clubs that have been designed just for you. Golfers come in all sizes and the same for variations on the golf swing. Having a specialist design golf clubs that are based on your skills and your swing will improve your score on the golf course.

Hybrid golf clubs are one such tool. A definition from Wikipedia:

"The name "hybrid" comes from genetics to denote a mixture of two different species with desirable characteristics of both, and the term here has been generalized; a hybrid club combines the advantages of an iron and a wood."

Custom Hybrid golf clubs can especially be beneficial to golfers who are shorter or taller than the average person. If you use normal golf clubs that were designed for people that are not similar to your height you will have to make major adjustment to your swing and this will not help your game.

A lot of golfers realize the benefits of having custom golf clubs but now it's popular to have custom hybrid golf clubs, that provides the benefits of both woods and irons in one design.

Professional Golfers see the benefits

The hybrid golf clubs are being utilized by touring pro golfers. They have been approved by most golf magazines as well as by experts of the game. The custom hybrid golf club is simply a combination of a fairway wood and the long iron- allow the good point from each to be easily used.

They have been designed in order to allow the golfer to hit the ball into the air for long shots as well as from difficult ball positions and are great for the professional and the amateur who wants to improve there game.

When the custom hybrid golf clubs first came out in the market, the average golfer was having a difficult time using the clubs. They were not very popular but the manufactures of the clubs made some adjustments to the design of the clubs and they are easier to use and have become quite popular with golfers.

Hybrid golf club benefits

The effectiveness of the custom hybrid golf club is mainly due to the lower center of gravity for the club. This would be vwry difficult to do with a basic iron. This type of design makes it easier for the golfer to get the golf ball high in the air.

The typical custom hybrid gold club has a flat face area and the club is made with a launch angle that is steeper. This type of design provides the golf ball with a faster spin rate which makes it easier to stop the ball quicker with increased accuracy.

Differences between the normal and Hybrids The wooden heads of the hybrids tend to be smaller while the irons, in exact contrast, tend to be thicker and stronger

Custom hybrid golf clubs are growing in popularity because they are designed to be easier to hit for weekend golfers. They provide the golfer with more distance as well as a higher level of accuracy.

Most touring pros now have access to hybrid versions. If you want to improve your golf game consider purchasing some custom hybrid golf clubs.

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