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Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Irons 2010 VS Callaway FT Iron Set

2016/7/20 14:27:27

Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Irons 2010


Premium forged irons featuring contemporary styling and design elements for the elite player.
The new premium forged irons from Callaway Golf that offer the finest quality, craftsmanship and feel for the most discriminating golfers. Designed for players seeking a traditionally styled club with enhanced playability and performance, these irons feature a soft 1020 carbon steel body, a high-strength Carpenter Steel face. This combination provides outstanding distance with increased accuracy and distance control over typical forged irons with unparalleled levels of feel.

This lighter and stronger steel provides increased ball speed off the clubface for more distance while also allowing weight to be moved to the perimeter and lower into the sole for better accuracy and trajectory control than typical forged clubs.

Provides unmatched feel and performance, giving elite-level golfers incredibly soft, responsive feedback at impact.

With a thin topline, narrow sole, shorter blade length and minimal offset, these irons deliver the aesthetics, feel and shot-shaping ability elite players demand.

Callaway FT Iron Set

An evolution of the original Fusion® Irons, the new Callaway FT Irons are a product of Callaway Golf's innovative weight-shifting science — Fusion Technology. Delivering the utmost in performance and playability, these irons feature a new head shape designed to appeal to mid to low handicap players. Multi-material construction allows for premium performance.

Features:  1. New head shape is designed to appeal to accomplished players with a thinner top line, higher toe and slightly less offset.
  2. Tunite® cradle allows for 80 percent of the clubhead's total weight to be placed in the extreme perimeter, creating a higher MOI.
  3. Hot titanium face produces fast ball speeds and allows for an increased effective hitting area.
  4. TPU SenSert® decreases vibration for an incredibly solid feel.
  5. Modified Tru-Bore® enhances feel and performance.


Steel - Nippon NS Pro 1100

Graphite - Callaway Golf FT Iron Graphite by Aldila

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