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Do you have a suitable putter?

2016/7/20 14:28:30

For putter, many players usually have their own preferences but when you encounter a more suitable one for you, do you consider replacing it? There are a lot of troubles for your switching clubs, but if the election were right, you can lose a lot of trouble.

In 2009, Odyssey, Ping and Titleist launched various putters such as Ping iWi Series CRAZ-E putter  Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select KOMBI Putter but which one is for me?

"A different shaft and putter head connection structure will affect the appearance,the ball's spin when hit and feel bring to players." Austie Rollinso, Odyssey's chief designer, expressed his understanding of putter design."Putter is undoubtedly the most personalized one in the golf bag!" Designers are pleased to see that more and more players now know how to choose a good putter and started choose from the pole more comprehensive considerations of performances rather than just from the beautiful appearance. At the same time, more and more brand manufacturers also pay more attention to performance studies  and use diagnostic method. In addition, they also use the wide-angle camera record the entire shot process, in order to help analyze how head front-mount design and club face maintain a balance technically, and thus play a catalytic role players of the hitting.

Has been embedded with a soft material world-famous Odyssey putter, after launching the Black Series putter which added the metal bar, again created Odyssye Black Series i 2Ball Putter with a white built-in objects in 2008.

Both of them are made of composite materials, that means in the rear of the main system, coupled with carbon steel tungsten alloy weights, creating a low and deep center of gravity effect. In addition to reducing the incidence of stroke rate of spin down moments, but also have a stabilizing rolling path.

Ping iWi Series CRAZ-E putter is such a new putter that allow you to replace the weight of club, which allows you to get more sense of control and confidence in the Green. The standard Ping iWi Series CRAZ-E putter weighs just 12 grams, its head base is made of the stainless steel, two 304 stainless steel and synthetic rubber combined inserts bring players unparalleled feel. It is said Ping iWi Series CRAZ-E putter is the most outstanding putter of Ping in the past 50 years.

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