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Golf Party Ideas Fore A Fun Time - Tips And Hints To Help You Create A Great Par-Tee!

2016/7/23 14:37:45

Golf party ideas to help turn your picnic, birthday party, or your just because get together into a golf-lovers delight. If you and your friends love playing golf, and any excuse is a good excuse for a good ole' round of golf, you might be inclined to incorporate some golf-related activities into your next gathering. Inspire the golfing spirit and get everyone into the party mood, with some fun golf-theme invitations, decorations, games, and favors.

GOLF PARTY INVITATIONS - Write out your party details onto a golf-theme piece of scrapbook paper and attach to a small cellophane bag that contains a little green Easter grass, a golf ball, and a couple of tees.

GOLF PARTY DECORATIONS - Turn your serving table into a golf party focal point and make it a decorated "green". Start by covering the table with a green tablecloth. Make little golf flags and place them next to each serving dish of food.

To continue your theme, have available golf theme plates, cups, and napkins. You could also opt for green and white decor. Be sure to serve your food on a "putting green" place mat, which could be made from pieces of indoor-outdoor grass-like carpet. Cut them into various shapes to represent the greens. Create golf place cards and glue them to two upside down golf tees.

Create a golf-related centerpiece by making a large putting green out of "grass" carpet. Place some white chocolate golf balls onto the green. Add a golf flag, which bears a Happy Birthday message to the recipient, along with a bouquet of golf-theme balloons.

GOLF PARTY FOOD IDEAS - Be sure to give your food some fun golf-related names and write the names on little golf flags. Here's a few examples to get you started:

Make a sign that says, "Doglegs", which are hot dogs cut in half lengthwise twice, but leave 2" at one end intact. Spreads the "Doglegs" onto a plate and microwave for 30 to 45 seconds. The legs will get curly.

Fairway Fries - This could be French fries.

Golf Balls - This could be Swedish meatballs. Just roll up and cook your hamburger meat, make your favorite Swedish meatball white sauce, and serve them up on the greens, which is a bed of lettuce.

GOLF PARTY GAMES - Delight and entertain your guests with some good old-fashioned golf-inspired games.

Guess How Many Tees - Start your party off with an easy icebreaker. Fill a large jar with colorful golf tees and have as your guests arrive, have them fill out a slip of paper with their name and best guess of how many tees are in the jar. Whoever comes the closest, wins the jar of tees.

Pin The Ball Into The Hole - Hang a large piece of green butcher paper on a wall and draw a regulation-sized hole (4 1/4") onto the paper. Cut out regulation-sized "balls" (1.680" in diameter), which is about 1 1/2" in diameter from white card stock. Have your guests try to "sink" their ball into the hole by sticking it onto the green with double-stick tape. This activity, of course, shall be done blindfolded.

These golf party ideas will help get you started in creating a golf theme party that is suitable for kids and adults alike. "Fore" extra fun, tell your guests to get ready to "par-tee!"
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