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Tips To Help You Reduce Your Golfing Handicap

2016/7/23 14:37:45

Golf is one of the best games to learn and play and teaches so many great things especially to young players that will help them become better people such as patience and respect for others. There are many keys to lowering your golfing handicap and one of the main ones is to master the short game. The short game in golf involves putting, chipping and learning how to hit wedge shots. Most amateurs tend to do the opposite when practicing and focus on the long game and spend too much time hitting their driver and woods.

Learn to putt well:

Putting is a big part of the game of golf and may even be considered a separate game within a game. The key to great putting is to master a particular technique and learn to think well on the greens. There are many putting techniques out there you can use and the key is to pick a certain technique you like and then stick with that approach long term. Constantly making major changes to your putting technique will not result in greater consistency and will usually result in the the putting yips.

Another important putting tip to keep in mind is that you always want to putt to make it so this means that regardless of how long the putt is you want to focus on making it and not just getting it close or inside a 3 foot circle. For very long putts think of making the putt by having it drop into the hole on the last rotation. Course management is another important factor in helping you to shoot lower scores. Do not be overly aggressive on the course and take out driver on every par 4. Hit the shot that you know you can execute well and are proven to on the range. The pros are more aggressive from the tee and use driver more often because they have worked hard on that club to hit it with enough accuracy whereas the average person is better off taking a 3 wood or long iron if their goal is to hit the fairway and shoot lower scores.

If you are facing a strong head wind then it is important to keep the ball down so take an extra club if you are in the fairway hitting an approach to the green and choke down on the club so you can hit somewhat of a knockdown shot. Also take into account that there will be more backspin on the ball when hitting into the wind so take that into account in terms of where you want to land the ball. Another tip to keep in mind that can help to cut strokes from your handicap is being sure to use the same ball. Golf balls can vary greatly from one brand to the next and even from one particular model to the next and they differ in how much they carry and spin. Try these tips above to help you become a better player and enjoy the game more.
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