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Find Out How To Speed Up A Game Of Golf

Some golfers get frustrated and are looking for golf tips, because an 18 hole round of golf can take over 5-6 hours and take a whole day out of a busy schedule.

But to worry, if this is one of of the problems that you are having, then a solution is within reach.

Looking for lost balls for more than a few minutes, taking 10 practice swings, or taking too long to putt are a few of the reasons why YOU may be the cause for slow play, so the first thing you need to do is check to make sure you aren't doing of any of these things.

Some simple, golf putting and practice tips will help if you are guilty of committing any of these habits that slow down your game.

Let's take a look at some tips that I've found useful in helping me play a game that is not only less time consuming, but more enjoyable as well.

Locate an exclusive country club that is rarely crowded and join.

Playing a course that allows five-somes will definitely slow down your game, so don't play them.

Try to play during the week if you have a flexible schedule.

See what the golf schedule is so that you can be one of the first players out on the course, even it means have a tee time in the wee hours of the morning.

Even though it might take you an hour to drive out of town to find a less crowded course, it could be well worth the drive with your friends if you live in a metropolitan area.

You will find these golf tips useful if you want your game to be less time consuming and more enjoyable, without having to spend ten minutes or more on each hole.

The time it takes to complete a game of golf is the primary reason most people decide not to play. But the average 18 holes should take a little over four hours at the most. And by following these tips you'll be able to enjoy golf more and complete your games faster.

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