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As her friend Golf

If you encounter such a situation, in a very steep Greens from putting up downhill, results did not have good, great, ball clean the hole and rolled down the slope has been out, slipped out of the Greens, fell into a deep bunker next to it, what should I do? That said, of course, only then was hit in the bunker, but such a deep bunker did not know a few bars to type out.

In fact, there is another solution, in accordance with the rules, you can declare the Sandpit of the ball is not playing ball, penalty shot, then go back to the Greens in the location you used to the pusher rod, that’s when you should know how much trouble right now.

A game a game rules, golf as well. Bondage we don’t treat golf as their enemies, but to use it as a friend, can I use to help me reduce the number of friends. Of course, as a friend we will respect it, to know it, but also to understand it. Golf rules, after all, was enacted by the people, began to contact you may think that it seems like a tough ruthless judge, but carefully, we can allow something which is found in the terms of the ban, not to do things prohibited by rules on the one hand, on the one hand you can make the most of things allowed in a rule, for our use. Ha-ha, it seems like is to drill the rules loophole. There’s a classic case of, what I call it a “Phoenix stone”.

1999 Tiger Woods to participate in the Phoenix open, in the final round of the 13th hole, Woods open Rod ball biased towards the left of the fairway, get a few rolls just parked behind a big rock in the future; the big stone is four feet long, two feet, two inches wide, a person does not move. Ball location away from stone close to common practice only wasted a pole, fairway, and then ball back to continue. The location away from the Green also has 225 yards distance, in which a high level of competition, wasting a rod often will and champions missed.

While Tiger Woods is very confident, he found the game referee officials, pointing to this big stone said, “this guy does not look just a rock, should also be a removable thing.鈥漈he original rules of golf every natural object, natural growth or is not fixed embedded in the ground, or attached to the ball of, such as the stone leaves droppings, and so on body count as is a removable thing, if you have an impact on the ball to move it, there is no punishment. Rule does not require the object size and weight, while Tiger Woods was caught this.

Referee officials also agreed by definition this stone should count as portable items, but doubtful about is ingrained in land. Then and the Woods around the huge rock turned laps, carefully watched from below. Finally found this stone is falling on the surface, not deeply embedded in the ground. As a result a say hello, next to the audience, caddie have the same set of players we all piled in, a sigh of relief this big stone was moved to one side. In the cheers of the crowd, Woods shook thanks and help people, and then target the swing, the ball firmly hit to the green.

If next time you play you are experiencing this as well as followed suit, but bearing in mind that cannot be Delayed because of lift a stone to Nice.

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