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Have Questions About Basketball? Get Your Answers Here

2016/7/27 11:05:59

TIP! Focusing on the offense may come easily but you need to be able to focus on the defense as well., Defense is what stands between you and a win.

Basketball is more than a game for gym class. It is a game that can be played in the neighborhood and even on your driveway. If shooting hoops is your thing, then you need to take some time out to read through the content that’s presented below.

TIP! Learn the mechanics of a free throw. It seems easy to do but surely isn’t.

Dribble the ball the right way. When you dribble a basketball you have to use the fingertips instead of the hand’s palm. This way you’ll have a lot more control over the ball. Be sure to dribble beside your body instead of in front of yourself. Bounce the ball at a level even with your waist. Keep your head up, do not stare down towards the ground.

TIP! Be sure to get lots of practice on layups. You should expect layups to represent about 80% of all the shots you take in a game.

Know your strengths and they’ll help you become a better player. Your strengths might not make you a star player, but you’ll be contributing a lot to your team. Learn what your strengths are, then practice to perfection!

TIP! Bounce passes are important in the game of basketball. The bounce pass needs to reach the player at waist level.

Always work on your layups. 80% of all shots in a game are usually layups. It’s critical to practice running towards the basket at full speed and following up with a good jump and smooth shot. This technique helps improve your on-court layup skills.

Bounce Passes

TIP! Never play through an injury on the court. Basketball is challenging physical sport and you can get injured.

Bounce passes are extremely efficient when done properly. Bounce passes should not go above or below the receiving players waist. A useful tip is to have the ball bounce roughly 3/4 of the distance to the recipient. There are other variables to consider though.

TIP! You never want to have your back to the ball if you can help it. This will give you court awareness and keep you from being surprised by quick passes or turnover potentials.

Practice the skill of pass catching. When you practice, mix it up so that you can catch perfect passes and errant throws. During a game, not all of your passes will hit the mark. Help your team by learning to catch those bad passes, as well as those perfect passes.

TIP! You must know your opponent in order to be tough on defense. You can read scouting reports and watch tapes to evaluate your opponents game.

Whether you play competitively or for fun, learning to be a better ball player is paramount. Now that you have read these tips, it is time to take the next step and make use of them. The more than you learn, the better you will play.

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