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Basketball Shooting Technique

2016/7/27 11:53:58

Looking for the proper basketball shooting technique? Here's an article which will help you out with it.

Beginners always have trouble with the shooting technique, what with the whole 2-step-and-jump drill, which in my teens, totally had me in knots. Here, I try to simplify it for you. So, for all of you who have been going through a bad shooting form, perhaps, it is a good idea to invest some time in learning the right shooting techniques. This article helps in refining your basics so that you become a good shooter.

The Stance
If you're a beginner, it will be better for you to stand on the court with the basket lined straight up, rather than standing at an odd angle. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. The weight of your body should be equally distributed on both your legs. This ensures that you have good balance while making the shot. It is also important to know where the power is generated for the shot. Rookies make the mistake of not bending their knees, which results in the ball falling short of the basket. The power for the shot should come from the legs, then transferred through the core, to the arms while shooting.

The Grip
It is important to know the correct way to hold the ball. Now, if you look at a basketball, you will see the lines running over it. These are known as seams. Position the fingers of your dominant hand over the center of the ball. The fingertip pads should be lined up parallel to one of these seams. There should be space between the middle of your palm and the ball. The ball should ideally be gripped by the pads of the fingers. The supporting hand is just there for balance and direction, and should be on the side of the ball. It should not be used to generate power or spin. The wrist should be relaxed and loose.

The Delivery
The delivery is the crucial part of shooting. The elbow must be lined up below the ball, and the shooting hand should be in line with the basket. The ball must never go behind the head. Keep it in front of you while shooting. The shot should be lined up with the wrists relaxed. Bend your knees, push back your hips with the elbow drawn back for the shot. With one fluid motion, you should uncoil your knees, core, and your arm gracefully. The follow-through after the ball is released is very important. Here, the coaches usually teach the hand-in-the-cookie jar technique. The wrist should flop, and the hand should be at an angle, so that it looks as if the person is trying to take a cookie from a jar on the top shelf. The index finger must point at the basket after the follow-through, and this position should be held till the ball touches the rim.

It is very important to keep your eyes only on the target while making the shot. Many rookies make a mistake by concentrating on the arc that the shot makes, rather than concentrating on the basket itself. Concentrate on the basket, not at the flight of the ball!

Shooting is a basic but important technique to master when it comes to basketball. So, practice it as much as you can, in the right way!
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