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Kids Basketball Hoop

2016/7/27 11:54:08

Inspiration can happen anytime. So when your kid suddenly wants to join the NBA, getting him a basketball and a brand new hoop to throw the ball in is an awesome thing to do.

If your child is looking to become the next Kobe Bryant, it is best that he starts preparing early. Basketball is one of the most popularly played sports in the US and it is undoubtedly getting more and more competitive. It is also getting more and more demanding, hence, to be the next top NBA star, it is better that you start training your kid really early! By doing this, you can give your child a head-start into this competitive sport. And what better way to kickstart his dream than by gifting him a basketball hoop? Of course the kid's not going to be able to jump and slam-dunk the way Kevin Garnett does, so it might be better if you get a shorter, adjustable hoop to get your kid started!

Buying Guide

There are several considerations while buying a hoop for kids. The first thing you need to look at is the various types of hoops available in the market today.

Easy to Adjust
Buying a basketball hoop which is easy to adjust is a good idea. After all, the child may be young and small today, but as he grows up the height will have to be adjusted. Hence, a hoop with adjustable height is a very good option. Once your child starts getting comfortable with the height of the hoop, you can just hitch it a notch higher till it is at regular height.

Portable Hoops
They are a good idea as the kids have the option to practice the game at home. A lot of kids love the idea of being able to play basketball on their driveways.

Outdoor Hoops
If you're not comfortable with your children slam-dunking away at home, perhaps it may be better to buy an outdoor basketball hoop. Besides, in-ground basketball hoops give people the feel of the real game and are more resistant to children's rough usage. They are stronger than the portable ones and hence, may be better suited to the rough use by kids.

Safety comes first and hence it is advisable that you get a foam coating or a pole pad on the basketball hoop. A pole pad makes sure that if your child does come in contact with the pole, he won't get hurt too badly. Another thing you ought to keep in mind is to get the right sized ball. No point in getting a ball which is too big as the child will not be able to play with. Get a slightly smaller ball that your kid will be able to handle and maneuver better!
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