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NBA Fantasy Basketball Tips

2016/7/27 14:22:03

Fantasy basketball is an exciting, high energy game that has millions of fans glued to their score sheets and games. Great glamour goes hand in hand with NBA fantasy basketball that keeps basketball fans alive and obsessed since the 1980s. Each season millions of Americans become members of NBA leagues if they haven't yet done so. They act like NBA team owners that decide which players are drafted, traded or benched.

The NBA itself promotes leagues in a huge way. Their site provides extensive information detailing each player, the teams and the coaches. Additionally, it hosts incisive analyses and commentaries on each game to help out the fans and players of the fantasy basketball leagues.

League players should take several key decisions into consideration before joining a league. First, should they go Rotisserie or head-to-head? Many prefer the head-to-head league because they can strategize and plan to beat the rival. The excitement is lacking in Rotisserie where all you can do is to note player stats.

Next up is should you draft or auction players? Drafting is easier and decided in a kind manner with a commissioner supervising the process. Auctions bring about more excitement and every team leader can hope to grab his favorite players.

Should you involve three, five or eight different categories? Each one has its own advantages. The five-category leagues take into consideration offense and defense. Three category leagues deal in points and rebounds and assists and are best for beginners. While eight-category leagues have educational value where you get to know more about the game then you would know otherwise.

Some key points need to be considered when playing fantasy basketball, especially the NBA. They are: your league size should be anywhere from 8-14 teams. You should not have more than three to four reserves on the roster and you must ignore the last three days of the head-to-head regular season leagues.

When choosing players you should avoid going for those that coming back from injuries. You should not be carried away by rookie performance in one or two matches and you should not putt too much faith in the players based on last season's performance. Every league is a new game and it needs careful thought and research. If you want to win you have to work hard.
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