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Basketball Tips for Better Shots

2016/7/27 14:22:10

Ball...hoops...and a court...

Basketball isn't just about these three things; the play itself requires skill, good technique, perseverance and a great deal of confidence so as to perfect basketball shots and actualize them on the court. While many people can play basketball, too few can truly play the sport to the highest degree. In this article, we have gathered some tips that could help improve your scoring average.

There is no great secret to basketball and no one was born to play basketball. Remember that even Michael Jordan poured tons of dedication and long hours of tiring practice before he was recognized on the court.


Accidents don't happen on courts and no player ever scored out of luck. Accurate shots are the products of day in and day out practice until jump shots become second nature.

Constant practice will groove your muscles so that every time you aim the ball, your muscles will retrieve the motion you have registered on it. It is like moving automatically without being conscious of the entire movement; instead you just release the ball in its most perfect motion.

Use the backboard

Have you ever considered using the backboard? If not then you might be losing more scores than you can imagine. Watch Tim Duncan play. His scores often come from using the backboard.

This drill is quite simple but too few players truly use it. Once you excel in this skill, you can set yourself apart from all other players. And there's no question- it truly works.

The key in here? Practice. During training it is best to use a glass board as this will let you see more clearly the focal point at which you should aim your shot.

Observe good form

Form is central for a good shot. It all starts with the mechanics such as tucking the elbow in, quick movements in maneuvering the ball upward, proper handling of the ball so it doesn't slip from your hands, shooting the ball and a practiced flick of the wrist.

Like what we have already mentioned, good form is also something that doesn't just happen. It has to be practiced and no amount of time dedicated to practicing is wasted as this will contribute to the development of your play.

You see, it all lies in the dedication of a person to improve the skills he already has and to discover some that are yet to be seen.
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