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Basketball Rebound for Short Guys

2016/7/27 14:22:14

People often have the misconception that when they aren't tall, they can't make rebounds. Well, this may offer some truths behind it but this doesn't absolutely have to mean that short people don't have the capacity to rebound under the basket. It only takes 3 skills to do just that, whether you equal Yao Ming's height or that of Muggsy Bogues with 5'3!

To be a good rebounder you must posses these three things: determination, positioning and aggressiveness. Even with the lack of height you can conquer the inner court. While it may be easier for taller guys to dominate the area under the basket, you can still have the chance to take the opportunity of getting the ball.

You must initially develop the skill of anticipating where the ball will land after a missed shot. This way, you can better position yourself towards the spot and take over the ball. But short players often have the difficulty of doing this since they are overwhelmed by other taller players. And the common mistake among players under the basket, even with those who are adequately gifted with height, is that they tend to watch the ball's flight after a missed shot.

Determination You must be mentally prepared and focused on your aim to get the ball, come hell or high water. There are other players on the court but you must set your mind on getting the ball first. If you believe that you can do this then you must be willing to take the risks that accompany the action of going under the board.

There is noting more satisfying than being able to steal the ball from everybody else followed by a scored shot.

Rebounding is considered as one of the most difficult skills to learn in basketball. But with enough skills and determination matched with adequate practice, you can learn to rebound as many times as you decide under the ring.

Positioning You must always hunt for the ball under the ring. You must remember that once you get the ball in your hand, you must land with your elbows wide- protecting the ball. Make as much space as possible so other players won't be able to steal it from you.

Aggressiveness Timid players never succeed in rebounding. Simply because the rebound area is normally the most physically demanding fields in the court. If you are afraid of getting hurt or fouled, you won't get the ball.
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