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Elements of the Game - Learning the Basics

2016/7/27 14:22:30

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world; this has been a staple sport in America where the best of the best battle it out in the NBA (national basketball association). The elements of the game have varied from the origin but haven't changed til modern times.

In the rules of the game or rather elements of the game, there are limits in time, these constraints often change during tournaments but the international and NBA rules are the most widely used. The most basic elements of the game is outscoring opponents by shooting the ball through the opposing court while constantly preventing the oppositions actions' from doing so. Attempting to score a basket is called a shot. A normal shot is worth 2 points, and a 3 point score for a successful shot outside the three-point arc alongside the shooting court.

The basic rules according to NBA standards is that there are only 4 quarters (10 internationally) which spans 12 minutes. There is a 15 minute halftime break and 2 minutes for all other breaks. There are five players on each team and seven substitutes along with a coach. Substitution is allowed only during breaks.

With the uniforms on a usual basketball match, players wear jerseys with visible numbers imprinted on them, and a logo of the team. The game is officially controlled by a referee, and other tables' officials such as statistics, timekeeping and other things on a match.

The game is played with a ball, a court and a basket at opposite ends, the violations of the game are strict, you must not stop dribbling the ball while running, and also the ball must stay in the court, there are limits of time remaining to shoot the ball inside the basket and other rules such as fouls, they are usually an attempt for an unfair disadvantage of the opponents using force and other violations.

There are also positions of players on the elements of a basketball game, namely; point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and the center player. They are likely to be flexible and can be maximized with the help of the coach to promote strategies and power plays.

These are the usual elements of the game. One of the most popular people that played basketball is Michael Jordan; one of the greatest basketball players of all time. As with the sport being one of the best ways to exercise, the sport seems to have been favored also as one of the best sports of all time.
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