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Ways to Score in a Basketball Game

2016/7/27 14:22:32

There are different ways to score in a basketball game. Let us learn each of them:

Jump shot - is the most common shot made at the perimeter (or the place on the court that is relatively far from the basket), also known as set shot. This is done by getting the right height before throwing the ball to the basket. It is also essential to follow through with the ball. This is done by maintaining your form while the ball is still on its way to the basket. The following through is said to increase the chance of scoring. A jump shot is often worth 2 points.

Three-point shot - is a perimeter shot taken beyond the arc (both feet of the player must not step on the three-point line). The player should possess leg and knee power to generate enough height to release the ball 20 feet away from the basket. A three-point shot often gives the team a boost and adds excitement to the game.

Free throw - A free throw is given after the opponent has committed a personal foul or a technical foul. This is an unguarded shot taken in the free-throw lane and is worth 1 point.

Dunk - is one of the most exciting shots that can be made by a player. This is done by jumping high enough to get your hands on the rim while still holding the ball. Once you reach the right height, slam the ball and grab the rim. It adds more to the excitement.

Alley oop - is a pass and shoot sequence that involves great coordination between the passer and the receiver of the ball. The ball is thrown to a player in mid air who will also shoot the ball before he touches the ground.

Lay up - is the most common shot made inside the paint. This is also the easiest shot to make. You drive to the basket, take off to get the right elevation, and lay the ball directly to the rim or off the board with one hand. The non-shooting hand is used to protect the ball from the defender.

Hook shoot - is made popular by Kareem Abdul-Jabar. This shot is done by turning your body on the side while the head is still facing the basket. You will jump off with the non-shooting leg and toss to ball with one hand similar to laying up.

Scoring in a basketball game is important to win a game but don't forget to play defense so that you prevent your opponent from scoring more than you do.
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