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How To Improve Your Game - Get Better Moves With Style

2016/7/27 14:22:47

One of the best things in a basketball game is individuality. For some people, they can often show the best skills when playing the game. The moves that enable better chances of getting a score are simply priceless during a game.

So when you want to improve your game, you have to get some moves that will likely get a major advantage against your opponent, they are time-crucial moves that always look good when done at the right time which translate to your own style and method of playing. Here are some of the best moves you can learn to improve your game and exploit your opponents' vulnerabilities.

Dribbling moves

Crossover dribble is one of the best moves to improve your game. This kind of move has style and finesse when done right. This type of dribble is done while changing the direction of dribbling by bouncing the ball from one side to the other. This is often the best exploit to confuse the defenders momentum because of the dribblers' new direction.


Jump pass is another way to improve your game. This is one of the moves that you can do to add to your style points, a jump pass is performed while your feet are off the floor. When done right, it will likely confuse your opponent, causing a fake shot which gives your team another advantage of scoring.


Another form of assists and form of passing play is the back door; this can be done when a teammate gets behind a defender to exploit the vulnerable space to perform an easy score. This move can be perfectly executed when the defender is overly concentrating on defense leaving them weak to the other player waiting to perform a score.


Finger Rolls are always stylish and a very good way to improve your game; you can perform one by holding the ball in one hand during lay-ups and lifting your fingers and eventually rolling the ball into the basket. The motion provides the basketball with a sense of finesse and graces which the ball will roll around the rim to drop into an easy stylistic score.


When you want more moves to add to your playing game, the jab step is worth a try. This can be performed when you hold the ball before dribbling, but at the same time your non pivot is doing a repeated jabbing step. This can be used to see if your defenders weakness and to guess his next moves by just looking at his reactions to your move. This can be only performed once in a while to get another stylish advantage on your opponents.

While learning these moves, just keep them your own secret moves for your disposal, your opponents might know your play and eventually will overcome and outscore your team. They add up to improve your game and practicing often will enable you to execute often and likely then to master your own personal playing style.
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