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The Boston Celtics vs. the Golden State Warriors

2016/7/27 14:23:01

The heat is on! Boston Celtics and recent rivals have been up to their best attempt to defeat each other during the season games. The team continues to be a favorite among basketball lovers as they try to prove that they are among the best in the NBA history.

Boston Celtics have concretely shown in the recent season games that deserve the title of “The Champion.” With the most number of championships, the Boston Celtics is making a run for another NBA Finals.

Each season game has shown a dramatic rise in Boston Celtic ticket sales. Months before the season games, sports and avid spectators are getting their hands on Celtics tickets as the game draws nearer. Off to a great start, those who watch the games closely are anticipating another Playoff and hopefully a Finals game for the Boston Celtics.

Face to face with the Golden State Warriors

During the recent game with Golden State Warriors, the Warriors tried to beat the Celtics. Although the Warriors managed to keep the Celtics in a limbo, the Boston Celtics still emerged as the winner. This has a lot to do with experience and combined skills of rebounders and shooters in the team.

A bounce-back effort by the Boston’s Big Three and big-play guard Rajon Rondo helped turn over the earlier leads of the Warriors, resulting to a 119-111 winning score. It was a challenging game for the Celtics. They had to find a way to close in the lead by the energized Warriors.

During the first half, the Warriors managed to outscore the Celtics 39-19 taking a 67-54 lead into the break. This happened as Stephen Jackson and Corey Maggette had a combined 62 points with 23-of-38 shooting, mostly during the second quarter that goaded the Celtic’s a 10-point deficit. A daring move by Jackson keyed an 11-0 run on the pick-and-roll until C.J. Watson got a layup.

It was indeed a heart throbbing moment for eager fans and spectators of both teams. It proved to be quite a challenge for the Boston Celtics to narrow down a wide gap in the score board during the last part of a game. The fans roared after the previous season's champion courageously did it.

With the hectic atmosphere, some moves were serious. With 5:09 left in the third quarter, Stephen Jackson and Ronny Turiaf nearly took each other out on scary play when Turiaf was upended or tipped over in an attempt to block Rondo’s shot. He then took a hard fall and landed on Jackson’s left arm. Anthony Randolph and Brandan Wright got intoenough foul trouble with the best effort to contain the Boston Celtics’ beefy front line. Randolph only lasted 71 seconds before garnering two fouls.

During the second half of the game, the Bostom Celtics turned up their defensive pressure as the Golden State Warriors turned the ball over six times during the third quarter. While Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce finished with a combined score of 67 points and 22 rebounds, Rondo scored 16 of his 22 points during the quarter.

The winning secret

Experience has a lot to do with the recent of success of the Boston Celtics against the Golden State Warriors. With the help of their offensive plays, they were able to close in the gap before the end of the game. They had to keep with the Golden State Warriors and find a way to bring the lead down. Rajon Rondo also made significant contributions along with the Big Three.

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