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Minor league basketball player found dead

2016/7/27 15:31:30

Well this is never the type of news we want to hear. Maybe because it just happens way to often, or maybe it's because we are all sensative to this topic.

This news is just in and very very tragic news at that, bear with us.

A minor-league ball player from the Cedar Rapids team is found dead after a one-car crash on Sunday morning on interstate 380.

According to theIowa Patrol crash report, Rashad Namar Carrington, 26, was cruising northbound on I-380 simply once three a.m. Sunday when he lost management of his Buick Lesabre at the main road 965 bridge in Johnson County, striking the safety rail and landing in the east ditch.

Carrington was transported to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics where he got treatment for the injuries.

The incident remains under investigation by the Iowa State Patrol.

Carrington played for the Cedar depression Court Kings, a Waterloo-based semi-professional basketball team that started this spring and competes within the Midwest conference.

Gary Rima, the Court Kings' general manager and also the voice of University of Northern Iowa athletics for quite 20 years, called Carrington's death horrifying.

"Without a single doubt he was the team leader on the ground, traveling, in the room. He just had that leadership quality about him. Just a nice child," Rima aforementioned.

Carrington was the team's primary pg, Rima said, and he played in solely two of the games the Court Kings have seen thus far in this particular season. He went to Mount Mercy University in 2013 after transferring from Ashford University in 2011. Carrington previously competed semi-professionally for the basketball team, the Houston LoneStar Strikers, this is what was said on the Court Kings' website.

Rima aforementioned the team, including the former Mount Mercy team players of Carrington's that currently are playing for the Court Kings team, will have to find a way to make it through his loss.

"We're going to really really miss him, he was just quite the athlete," Rima aforementioned. "He was simply AN outstanding young man and that i just felt that he had a very bright future ahead of him no matter manner he went."

 It is quite a sad story, for a young man to be taken far too soon. Maybe things like this just happen all the time and we don't really notice it. However when it's a player it's just so different.

Tragedies such as these DO happen all the time in the world, but it's very interesting when it happens to an athlete. The insane amount of commitment and skill which they possess makes you at times forget they are mortal like the rest of us, something to think about.

Rest in peace to this man he was a great player, even minor league players can be great. Remember many NBA players actually come from the minor leagues. May he rest in peace, thank you for all the memories, and the special times as well as moments.

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