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Mumbai- Basketball at new height

2016/7/27 15:33:05

Basketball is one of the most popular team sports that almost every country has adopted in the recent years. In fact, it is the third most popular sport in the world, behind cricket and of course, football. NBA, the professional basketball league from North America is one of the highest revenue generating sporting leagues in the world. 
India and basketball go a very long way back. It was one the first countries to play the sport professionally. Major Indian cities like New Delhi and Mumbai play a major role in harboring new players and conducting proper training for their growth.
Mumbai has a deeper connection with the sport since, when two of Bollywood actors, Dino Morea and Lara Dutta travelled to the USA as a part of a cultural exchange to witness the NBA. Soon, a new basketball court was opened in Nagpada, Mumbai which was officially inaugurated by the NBA.
This led to the sport achieving more popularity in the city. Almost every major college sports fest has this sport where teams from all over India come to participate. The Don Bosco Invitational Tournament and the Ramu Memorial are some of the major tournaments that are conducted in Mumbai.

On the highly popular social networking website Facebook, one can find a lot of pages and groups dedicated to basketball coaching in Mumbai which post regular updates about tournaments and coaching.
Nationwide, the Basketball Federation of India is in charge of the sport. It conducts regular coaching for all kinds of players at different levels. Summer camps are also held in the major cities where youngsters get a chance to build their game for the tournaments.
Almost all major sports clubs, schools and colleges in Mumbai have well maintained basketball facilities. Like Navi Mumbai Sports Association, there are a lot of other academies and coaching institutes which offer professional basketball training with proper facilities. One can simply search online for the nearest such institute.

Most counties have seasons in basketball. India does not follow that pattern; in fact the tournaments are held throughout the year, mostly when students are on a summer break from schools. This also allows more growth since there is action throughout the year.
Moving on, IMG Reliance has teamed up with IMG Florida sports academy to construct academies in India. Coaches from Florida have already been to India in order to select young players with potential to take to the USA.
 The first batch has already been selected. They will be offered scholarships and will train in Florida. The main aim of this programme is to launch India's own professional basketball league, which is aimed in the duration of the next four-five years. According to some reports, this league will be based on IPL's franchisee format.
After Indian origin Sam Bhullar and our very own Satnam Singh signed up in NBA, they proved that India not has an immense talent pool, but also the potential to play the sport at the highest level.

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