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He's Baaaack ... Bob Knight Coming to Carmel, Indiana

2016/7/27 15:37:01

Indiana legend Bob Knight will be returning to the Palladium on Friday, April 12th, for an evening lecture covering his history in Indiana, his triumphs and failures, and the keys of his success both on and off the court.

Love him or hate him, all Hoosiers know the name of Bob Knight. While most famous for his temper, Knight is a living legend in the basketball community. Currently the third most winning coach in NCAA Division 1 history, Knight led Indiana University to 11 Big Ten Conference championships, three NCAA championships, and one NIT championship. He is credited with perfecting the motion offense during his time with the Hoosiers, as well as producing one of the highest percentages of graduating players. Outside of his time with the Hoosiers, Knight led the United States basketball team to gold in the 1979 Pan Am and 1984 Olympic games. Despite repeated fines and warning about his outbursts, Knight stayed true to his strict coaching style, developed during his early years with the Army, coaching for West Point. After a controversial dismissal from Indiana University in 2000, Knight went on to coach for Texas Tech until 2008, when he joined ESPN as a studio analyst for college basketball.

Outside of his illustrious basketball career, Knight is a well known champion of education. He has left donations for the libraries of every school he has coached at, including a fund named for him at Indiana University which raised $5 million dollars for the entire library system. A similar fund set up at Texas Tech, led to an exhibit in their library honoring the coach for his "Legacy of Giving". Knight is also the author of two well received books. His autobiography was released in 2003 "Knight: My Story" and in 2013 his newest work, "The Power of Negative Thinking: An Unconventional Approach To Achieving Positive Results", in which he applies his coaching expertise to business strategies.

Being in high demand as a motivational speaker, Knight's 2012 appearance at the Palladium became a sold out event. He is returning this year to tell his stories to the Hoosiers who know his name so well. Tickets are still available for the 8:00pm show, April 12th at the Carmel Palladium. 

Article by Aleia Frazee
Carmel Indiana News
Carmel Indiana Blog

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