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Cheap Sports Tickets at Crowd Seats

2016/7/27 15:37:44

It's every sports fan's desire: cheap sports tickets. With ticket prices having increased more than 100% years, it's no surprise that consumers are looking for ways to find bargains and discounted sports tickets. What was a $50 ticket is now $100 - and that's before the dreaded "convenience" fees! Attending a sporting event, especially for a family, has become a very, very expensive proposition. Crowd Seats was founded with the goal of solving this problem for sports fans. That's why, each week, we offer the best sports ticket deals featuring premium games, gigantic discounts, and absolutely NO added "convenience" fees.

Crowd Seats wants to bring you live action - being in the stadium and cheering on your team with thousands of other fans. Unfortunately, this experience is becoming harder and harder to get - unless fans have access to cheap sports tickets. There's only one place where sports fans can get discounted sports tickets without fees and that place is Crowd Seats.

Sports fans all over the country can get in the crowd at a fraction of the full box office price with Crowd Seats. Not only are these fans getting discounts on sports tickets, they're never paying any of those absurd ticket fees. With Crowd Seats, there is never an additional "convenience" fee, print at home fee, venue surcharge, ticket processing fee, etc.

It's one price. Period.

In a world where sports ticket fees can add 30-35% on top of the original price, this change of pace has been long coming to sports fans sick of being nickel-and-dimed to death. When you order a cheeseburger, they don't charge you $1 for receipt printing, $1 for lettuce, and $1.50 for a drive thru fee.

Yet this kind of thing happens everyday in the sports ticketing world.

Not anymore - not with Crowd Seats.

Sound too good to be true? Don't just take our word for it - see for yourself.

Crowd Seats offers over 40 games each and every week across the country, each with huge discounts and no added fees. We know what you're thinking - the matchups must be unattractive and the seats must be in the last row. At Crowd Seats, we pride ourselves on not only offering cheap sports tickets with huge discounts, but offering those discounts for the best games in the best sections. We're not interested nosebleed seats up in the furthest endzone because our customers aren't either. We know where the best seats are in each venue and we bring them to you at a fraction of the cost. Take a look at some of our recent deals:

Cheap Sports Tickets at Crowd Seats

So sports fans, what's it gonna be? Do you want to continue to pay ridiculous ticket prices with excessive, unncessary fees at the box office or enter into the new world of buying sports tickets via Crowd Seats? If you haven't tried us out yet, we invite you to do so. We're sure you'll find a deal that really makes your jaw drop - for the right reasons. If you're looking for cheap sports tickets, Crowd Seats is your one and only destination.

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