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Clippers Tickets: LA Clippers Defeated by Warriors

2016/7/27 15:37:54

LA Clippers had just defeated Lakers. Yes, they did a good job with that game. However, here comes another game for Clippers against Warriors. Unfortunately, they lost it over Warriors which made them feel bothered by the way they made the game.

 Some says the was actually such an enraging defeat that Clippers Coach Vinny Del Negro shown that it may have slackened the growth of his team after only three games.

 "This is for us a step back," Del Negro said after the game late Saturday night, "because I was disappointed with the way we came out."

 Which signifies that the Clippers had no reason getting down by 14 points in the first quarter, for allowing the Warriors to make 65% of their shots, for not playing with power from the beginning?

 However the Clippers didn't take that similar strength against the Warriors until it was too late, and that didn't sit right with Del Negro.

 "It doesn't matter who you play yesterday [on Friday against the Lakers], or whatever. That's irrelevant," Del Nero said. "The game is tonight. It's a different team, a different opportunity for us to get better and we didn't tonight. And that's the frustrating part."

 The Clippers weren't shoved, outplayed and just packed down by Warriors that obviously played tougher from start to finish. The Clippers had 16 turnovers against the Warriors, five by Paul.

 "We understand that we've got a target on our back," Paul said. "Those guys came out and could have closed their eyes and made every shot they threw up there early. It's good for us early in the season, I guess.

 "You just hate that you have to lose to learn. Something like that would have been nice to win and learn from the game. It's all good. It's early. It's a good wake-up call. It showed that we can't come back and turn it on whenever we want to."

 We all know that the Clippers didn't practice Sunday, but they will have a shoot around Monday in planning for that night's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Staples Center.

 "There are no easy games in this league," Del Negro said. "If you don't come and bring the energy, the focus and the desire, no matter who you are playing, sometimes you can get away with it. But more times than not, it's going to get you."

 When Del Negro took a step back to digest it all after the loss, he then realized that rising pains are part of the progress.

 "It's part of the growing process of a new team to go through tough losses or go through the adversity of a season," Del Negro said. "It's just part of it. Hopefully, we'll learn from this. I know our guys will continue to work and fight."

 Losing the game is just part of the process. Not all the time a team wins, they have to lose in order for them to be the best. They have to realize what the loopholes of the team are and improve their cohesiveness until they come to their best moment.

 Keep posted with our latest updates of LA Clippers. If you really are a real LA Clippers fan, you got to have your Clipper season tickets ready for the next playoffs or else you'll get behind.

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