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Miami Heats' say about the Last Game with Knicks

2016/7/27 15:37:57

Everyone knows that the Heat- overall NBA champ last season was unexpectedly defeated last Friday by NY Knicks very handily. The game held at the Madison Square Garden where the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy was messing up the city.

The Knicks displayed a 16-point first-quarter lead, and each time the warmth began to shut the gap, they simply pulled even distant. Eventually, they beat the Heat easily with a score of 104-84.

 However, Dwayne repeatedly says that the game with Knicks should have been postponed knowing that Hurricane Sandy is at play too and is affecting a lot of innocent people those times.

 "I thought they should (postpone Friday's game), but who am I to make the call?" Wade said at the Heat's shoot-around Friday afternoon at the Garden. "Obviously the Brooklyn (Nets' opener against the Knicks) game got postponed. So I thought (Friday's game) would be postponed because of the tragedy we're dealing with here in New York, give it some time to get it under control. "I didn't think the game of basketball was of importance (Friday). But the show must goon, I guess. Miami's always affected by hurricanes, so we're very sensitive to what's going on here. I just felt there were bigger things to be concerned about."

 Lebron, Wade's teammate also share the same remorse and was surprised that the league did not postponed the game.

 "Early on in the week I believed it would be cancelled, especially after I (saw) the Brooklyn (Nets) game get canceled and I seen a lot of the subways, and a lot of the transportation that allows people to get from and to games being shut down," said James. "But I'm not in control of that. I go where the schedule tells me to go. I'm here to play. What Hurricane Sandy did, and trying to get these families and everything back right, where it needs to be, is more important than the basketball game. But we also know that sports does things for people that a lot things can't do, as far as giving them a brighter side of things."

 Maybe it unequivocally was the remorse and soft heart, Heat players felt for those innocent families affected by the hurricane. Dwyane Wade did tell the general public that he was donating his game paycheck for superstorm Sandy relief efforts. Even then, one of Miami Heats' aspirations in this game is to be of help to people affected by the hurricane. Let's just hope that Miami would still be able to keep their title.

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