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How To Do A Bank Shot In Basketball

2016/7/27 15:38:42

Within the sport of ball, one shot to take into consideration deploying it the bank shot. This move is used by many gamers at all levels, and it's a tremendous asset to your own game if taught, and applied effectively.

This shot can be created by making use of the backboard at the correct angle to boost the likelihood of the ball going in. You have to be accurate at shooting this kind of shot, which is why it's done directly beneath basket, and from the mid range because a Three point shot is more challenging to shoot accurately.

The Steps For The Bank Shot

The process that's required to perform a bank shot are as follows:

Keep the ball in a high but comfortable position

Aim for the top corner of the white square on the backboard that's closest to you.

Now, the all should make contact with your focused point on the backboard on it's downward flight of it's arch when you find yourself in the mid-range. When you're close to the rim, it's okay for the ball to hit the backboard on its way up.

It is advisable to make certain that you're not doing to much when you're working on your bank shot. Simply start out close, and then make your way out from the rim. Work on shooting these as much as you can, and as always, work on both sides of the floor.

Think of the letter V when you're shooting the bank shot. This will help you with the angles that are necessary when you're on the floor. The Point of the V starts and the goal, and extends out from there.

Not only can you use the V as a judgment, but the basketball can also be banked from straight on. A few feet in front of the free throw line and closer is ideal.

Below is a list of some of the good stuff, and the bad stuff when you shot this type of shot that you should keep in mind.


The bank shot is very easy to execute, and the time that's essential is much shorter than shooting a normal shot.

A high shooting arc is not required

When under the rim you will have a wider shooting angle.


One thing to consider when you're shooting this type of shot is the inflation of the basketball. Much like ball handling, the amount of air that's in the ball has a influence on how it reacts when it hits the top corner of the white square. It's a matter of getting a feel of how the ball is going to react, and making the strength adjustment from there.

You cannot shoot the basketball whenever, because you have to have the proper angle that's necessary for it.

This shot is not exactly "crowd pleasing". However, it is 2 more points if made, and can help win games.

Keep in mind it's significant to work on this shot from all angles, and as often as possible. This will make you more unpredictible, and will increase your game from a fundamental standpoint when coaches are looking at you. It will take time to get a feel for this shot, but work on it. It's worth it.

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