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Basketball Summer Camps In The Bay Area

2016/7/27 15:39:54

Bay Area Basketball Camps can range from very serious and competitive to merely fun and games. The Matt Lottich Life Skills Basketball Camp is a good choice for people looking for a happy medium. While this camp is certainly focused on having a good time, the skill training and level of competition is superb. Like many Summer Camps in the Bay Area, they provide instruction for a variety of participants. They cater to all skill levels and admit both boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 16. There are nine different sessions throughout June and July. While some, Bay Area Basketball Camps require overnight stays, the schedule of this camp runs from 9am-4pm Monday Through Thursday. Championship Friday ends at 2pm allowing the participants to go home each night and weekend to rest up and do other things. Summer Camps in the Bay Area are known to hold a hefty price tag. This can even prohibit some children from being able to go. Since campers and their parents are making a big financial investment into this activity, they both want to make sure that they are getting their money's worth. If not, it is a whole lot cheaper to shoot hoops in the driveway.

The Matt Lottich Life Skills Basketball Camp ensures that the children are participating in activities at the highest level of competition and appropriate relevant skill instruction. Unlike some Bay Area Basketball Camps that are merely for fun, this camp strives to provide challenges for all skill levels so that all campers are advancing. The point is for the campers to walk away from their sessions with a better knowledge of the game than they walked in with. There are a few Summer Camps in the Bay Area that merely focus on very talented advanced campers.  The Matt Lottich Life Skills Basketball Camp, on the other hand offers help with creating a foundation of fundamentals for beginning level campers to build on as they continue to grow and develop their knowledge of the game. One way they do this is by hiring very quality coaches to run the programs. The fact that most of the coaches have played basketball at a college level, ensures that the campers will be bound to cultivate their skills. These coaches will lead the campers through a variety of activities and drills with an emphasis on shooting, fundamentals and team concept. Unlike some Bay Area Basketball Camps, The Matt Lottich Life Skills Basketball Camp not only stresses excellence in athletics, they also foster success in academics and having a positive attitude. The founders of this camp feel that they should show campers how the skills used in sports can be applied to their everyday life. Making this connection will not only allow campers to improve their sports skills, but become a more determined and goal-oriented person in general. Other activities at this camp include league games encouraging competitiveness and teamwork, individual competitions, group competitions and fun contests. The mllscamp.com site has more information about registration.

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