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How to Plan Productive Practices for Youth Basketball Clubs

2016/7/27 15:42:11

Basketball clubs are a great activity for children of all different ages. The sport of basketball is a very physically active sport that will help kids get all of the exercise they need to be healthy and fit. The sport is also a lot of fun to play and encourages kids to play for extended periods of time, which is also good for a kid's physical health. One of the most important aspects of training youth basketball players is having a productive practice session that teaches fundamental skills and utilizes every minute of practice in a positive way.

Coaches of basketball clubs have a ton of different skills they need to teach to their teams. All of the skills and instruction you need to give the kids on the team might seem overwhelming and cause you to stress out, but if you organize your priorities, you will be able to plan practice times that will incorporate all of the skills players need to learn and develop. Your first and most important objective as the coach is to make sure that your players develop personal character and that they enjoy playing the game. Secondly, you can focus on developing their skills and strengths on the court.

When you sit down to plan out practice times for youth basketball clubs, it helps to sit down and write out a plan. There are numerous ways you can make practice plans and there is no real right or wrong way, although some methods are more productive than others. You need your practice time to be split into thirds. You want to spend each third working on a different skill or fundamental of the game of basketball. You can spend between fifteen to thirty minutes working on athletics and cardiovascular strength by doing sprints and other running exercises. You can then spend the same amount of time on offense techniques and skills and then defense techniques and skills. Once this is over, it is helpful to spend the next half an hour doing a scrimmage. A scrimmage is like a practice game where basketball clubs are split in half and play against each other. During a scrimmage, players will often put into practice a lot of the skills they learned during their practice time.

As stated earlier, this is just one way that you can organize your practice time to get the maximum benefit out of the time you have available. There are other ways you can make a practice plan that are just as effective. 

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