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Basic Warriors Tickets Info

2016/7/27 15:42:19

It may be difficult to believe but the best kept secrets of those who seem to get Warriors tickets time and again are the most basic principles. These guys just follow a basic set of rules in how they purchase their Warriors tickets. The result, always seem to be very good. For the outsiders looking in, it can seem like a big mystery why these people always manage to get Warriors tickets. Of course, they too, want to be successful in their ticket hunting. What about you? Do you also want to find out what these people have? What are these seemingly amazing principles that allow these people to be successful every time they want to catch a game live? Well, you shouldn't worry because today, we're here to divulge 3 of those secrets.

1. It's not what you know, it's who you know- you may already have all the stats, all the trivia, all that one needs to know about Warrior tickets, but if you don't know the right people, then all that information may just end up futile. When we say it's who you know, it doesn't even mean you need to be acquainted with some hotshot. All you need to know are the right people, like the guy or the girl who sells the tickets, the guy who can inform you when the sales start, and other people like that.

2. Timing is everything- you not only need to know the right people, you need to show up at the right time. You can't come too early to get tickets, because you will end up waiting forever. And of course, you know what will happen if you go there too late, you will end up with no tickets at all!

3. You snooze, you lose- In situations like this, you need to move fast and make rapid decisions. If you dally and take too long to decide, someone will beat you out to your precious tickers, and you end up going home empty handed. Of course, we want to avoid that situation, so move as fast as humanly possible.

That, to put it simply, is how you get Warriors tickets. It sounds simple does it? Now, its your turn to try and get them!

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